Our Promise 

It has been Shuli’s mission to deliver products and education that exceed your expectations, every time. Striving to keep pushing the boundaries of skincare by always exploring new possibilities and innovating. We are committed to:

Quality Active Ingredients: expertly researched, selected, and sourced active ingredients that deliver on their promised results. Peptides, pure botanical plant extracts, potent antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, cosmetic acids, stem cells, and peeling agents come together to transform skin. 

Pioneering New Products: every year, we aim to launch a new product. Whether that means a unique ingredient combination that combats a common skin condition or a revolutionary Mesotherapy device, we are always working on something new. 

Solutions for all Skin Types & Conditions: every skin type on the Fitzpatrick scale is considered whenever we formulate a new product. We can treat everything from acne, dermatitis, & rosacea to aging skin conditions, hyperpigmentation, scars, and everything in between.           

Advanced Laboratory Testing: all our creations go through a series of quality controlled, regulated, and clinical validations before we would even consider it for your use. Every claim, outcome, and promise we make has been carefully examined to ensure that we can deliver. 

Strict Distribution Channels: you won’t find SR Cosmetic products just anywhere; only licensed distributors can join our global team. By being selective, we can uphold the brand reputation we have worked so hard to achieve. All our distributors undergo professional training.