Updated Jan 2021

The provisions of these Terms outline the policies and procedures as they relate to purchase cancellation, returns, product replacements and/or defective products sold on the SR Cosmetics Global website (herein ‘The Company’) and are in addition to the provisions outlined directly on the website.

1.0 Purchase Cancellation

1.1 Order Cancellation: the entirety of your unopened order can be retuned within 14 business days from the time a shipment is received, with proof of purchase by way of the invoice generated at the time of purchase. All returns are subject to the provisions and applicable regulations outlined in the Consumer Protection Law of 1981 (herein ‘Consumer Protection Law’) 

Cancellation of an order can be made on the "My Account" tab by filling out the replacement/return form, you will be required to clearly state the reason for the return. Cancellation of an order is possible in accordance with the instructions below and all applicable laws.

1.2 Cancellation Before Delivery: a full refund will be issued if the purchase order is cancelled prior to fulfillment (where a shipping label has not been created) between 1-3 business days after purchasing.  

1.3 Product Cancellation After Delivery – individual product(s) can be returned after the order has been shipped or received, within 14 days. These are subject to the customer returning the items via registered mail to The Company address indicated in these regulations below. Products can be returned under the following conditions;

  • the item is closed in its original packaging
  • for hygiene purposes, USED skincare products cannot be refunded unless they are expired at the time of delivery, or defective (see below for conditions of returning a defective product)
  • the product is returned without damage.

If a product returned and does not meet the above requirements, the customer will not be entitled to a refund and/or any other credit. The customer will be credited only after receiving the goods at The Company 's warehouses where it can be inspected for the above noted conditions of return.

2.0 Refunds or Credits

Refunds will ONLY be issued to the same credit card or payment method used at the time of the original transaction.

Credits provided by the credit card company and/or PayPal will be transferred to the original credit card used in the transaction. A 5% fee is deducted at the time of credit issuing. Any credit will be transferred directly to the customers credit card in accordance with the schedules of the credit company/PayPal

Refunds are conditional upon the following:

  • Refunds will not be issued to any returned product(s) that has been used.
  • Any shipping fees incurred in the transaction are exempt from refund
  • Transactions completed using a gift card will be returned in the same manner, no cash value will be awarded for gift card transaction

3.0 Product Replacement and/or Exchange

Replacement or product exchanges of an item(s) can be made within 5 days from the date of receipt of the shipment, proof of purchase is required to complete this transaction, and subject to the product return conditions outlined section 1.3 above.

Customer must state the reason for a product exchange; acceptable reasons include mistake, changed your mind, prefer a different product.

In the case of a product exchange, the replacement item value will be equal to or greater than the value of the price of the product being returned. Exclusions, price adjustments are not provided in the case that an item you have purchased has gone on sale or a promotional value is extended. The customer is responsible to pay the difference at the time of checkout.

Exchanged items must be returned, at the expense of the customer, prior to any new items or products being dispatched for delivery. Additional shipping costs for a replacement or exchanged product(s) are the customers responsibility.

4.0 Defective Products

A defect in a product is defined as but not limited to

  • packaging mechanism broken – pump, dropper, device
  • product bottle is broken or cracked
  • the product (cream, serum, mask, lotion, cleanser) was expired at the time of receipt, or appears to be spoiled

Customers must notify The Company of a defective product within 5 business days of receipt to qualify for a refund or exchange of said item(s). If the customer does not notify The Company of any defect in the product within the allotted timeframe, it constitutes a notice that no defect has occurred, and the customer will have no claim against The Company and/or anyone on its behalf regarding any defect found in the product(s). Extenuating circumstances can be discussed directly with The Company, any refund or exchange will be at the sole discretion of The Company beyond the timeframe noted.

5.0 Order Cancellation

On occasion, The Company may be required to cancel a transaction or order in whole or in part under the following circumstances:

  • a clerical error occurred whether in the product price or in the product description
  • if there has been a malfunction in the communication and/or a technical problem that prevented the users of the site from using the site properly
  • in any case of force majeure, action, war, hostility, terrorism, epidemic, closure, emergency and/or anything else that will prevent proper sale
  • an item has gone out of stock due to multiple orders occurring at the same time
  • when it is not possible to deliver the product

A notice of cancellation will be provided to the customer via the registered account email provided and where warranted, a refund and/or partial refunded for the order or item(s) in question will be processed with 1-2 business days of the cancellation.

The Company and/or anyone acting on its behalf will not be responsible or liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, or special damage caused to the customer and/or a third party, including financial damage due to cancellation of the order and/or return of the product according to the provisions noted above.

6.0 Additional Terms

  • products purchased during a promotion or while on sale are not exchangeable or refundable
  • There are no double promotions for items on sale
  • gift cards cannot be won, so gift card holders are only eligible for credit on the site