"Love and work, work and love…that's all there is" Sigmund Freud

Shuly Rodrig will not settle for less than perfect.

Her motivation for success nurtured the growth of an international beauty brand. As the founder and CEO of SR Cosmetics, she is an inspiring woman who began her affair with cosmetics 50 years ago with passion, research and development. Shuli has been perfecting and sharing her knowledge every since.

She is a woman on a mission to make the world a beautiful place!  


Shuli's professional path began in 1969, upon graduating with a degree in Cosmetology she started working in the Haifa hospital skin trauma unit. Since then Shuli has dedicated her efforts to resolving the skin challenges that people experience everyday by creating new formulas, educating, training and challenging beauty industry norms.  

Shuli went on to earn a degree in Naturopathic Medicine, exploring the ways in which we can learn from the natural world and uses the power of plants in the SR formulas. Since 2013 Shuli trains medical doctors to better understand the process of skin aging and peeling methods to restore skin health.

Her dedication to beauty and skincare quickly made Shuli a household name:

  • Collaborations with leading doctor of skin peeling in Israel; Dr. Yoram Phinchi and Dr. Irena Krupnik from TLV Ichilov Medical Center.
  • Regular TV presenter and media advisor for leading channels in Israel Reshet 13, Walla and Ynet.
  • Hosting a yearly cosmetics innovation media convention for over 500 professionals

Her dream is to bring her beautiful vision all around the world, because beautiful skin means a better quality of life both mentally and physically. Shuli empowers women to change the world for the better as she continues to inspire others to do good.