Dark Spots Bundle

$777.60 $864

Dark spots, or Hyperpigmentation, can happen for a lot of different reasons. Some people are just prone to it, others develop because of health changes like pregnancy and aging in general. The real culprit is the over production of melanin - the skin cells that make pigments - when you have too much, dark spots appear on the skin. These products are formulated with specialized ingredients that help control the production of melanin and even your skin tone!

Included in this bundle is:

  • Golden Velvet
  • DMAE: Lift Up
  • White Bright Orchid
  • Green Orchid Dermaheal
  • D. Herbal Medi Calm Cream Forte
  • DMAE: Lipo-Vit Intensive Serum
  • Ever Cure – Retinol Cure
  • Thanka Moisturizer
  • ProPhyto Dermal: D. Herbal Medi Calm Forte+ Cream Mask

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